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A reprint of Hayward’s original 1949 text, this classic guide contains a wealth of practical information for woodworkers.

It covers a broad range of topics, from workshop recipes for finishes, polishes and wood fillers to practical geometry for calculating area, constructing geometric shapes, and determining miter angles for curved and straight moldings.

Hayward explains how wood is measured and sold, defines terms used in the timber trade, and lists characteristics of various wood species. He covers hand tools and sharpening, offers a brief section on the circular saw and power lathe, and provides a quick reference for nail and screw sizes, glue properties and numerous other topics useful in shop work. He also includes a section on period Western furniture styles and molding profiles.

The clear, concise, straightforward text is supplemented with Hayward’s detailed drawings throughout. Sturdily made and conveniently sized to fit in a pocket or toolbox, this little volume is a helpful reference for woodworkers of any skill level.

Hardcover, 4" × 6 1/2", 112 pages, 2021.

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