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In this book, leading resin woodturner Keith Lackner shows you how to create functional and decorative objects from epoxy resin and resin fusion (wood and resin). He covers the tools needed, wood preparation, making molds, mixing, turning, and finishing the resin.

Turning with resin may seem intimidating, but Lackner’s approach breaks down the fundamental differences between wood and resin turning and will have you prepared to tackle projects of escalating difficulty. Using detailed explanations, informative step-by-step photos and stunning photos of finished work, this guide will take you from beginner techniques all the way to advanced.

Projects range from basic kit handles and a pen to a decorative art piece, a bowl, a river platter, a pinecone box and the complex hollow form. Includes a helpful troubleshooting guide as well as a gallery of Lackner’s own work.

Softcover, 8" × 10", 148 pages, 2021.

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