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This book is the first title in a new initiative at Lost Art Press to produce children’s books.

Set in a land steeped in history and legend, it tells the story of Cadi, a Welsh chairmaker’s daughter who chances upon an unusual wooden cup belonging to her grandmother. When the young girl drinks from the cup, she inadvertently takes in the dark stories held within.

From a waiter in a local restaurant, Cadi hears the frightening tale of the ancient “cursed oak” of Nannau and its association with the era of witch trials. Cadi’s grandmother relates the history of the Nannau Oak, describing an ancient feud, a violent death and a tree that holds a grisly secret.

The stories now within Cadi haunt her dreams, and she must find a way to deal with the power of the story to sadden and scare.

Supplemented by Elin Manon’s richly detailed color illustrations and a glossary/pronunciation guide of Welsh words and phrases, this is a memorable story for ages 8 and up.

Hardcover, 8 1/2" × 11", 48 pages, 2022.

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