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Launched as a quarterly magazine and now published bimonthly, Quercus celebrates the art and craft of woodworking by hand, featuring the voices of craftspeople and makers from around the world. Named for the genus to which oak belongs, the magazine highlights workmanship and design, woodworking techniques, tools and traditions spanning the centuries.

This issue features an interview with toolmaker Will Adams, who produces turned layout tools and winding sticks. Nick Gibbs considers workbench design and, in another article, interviews Matt Kenney, author of The Art of Kumiko: Learn to Make Beautiful Panels by Hand, on making kumiko using hand tools.

Daniel Carpenter of Heritage Crafts (U.K.) proposes valuing “intangible cultural heritage,” such as craft knowledge, skills and practices, as well as preserving artifacts. Shenik Savla-Shah describes a multi-faceted project for sharing woodworking resources.

In an extract from his book The Artisan Furniture Maker: A Creative Survival Guide, author Darrell Peart discusses design and the role of intuition and inspiration in the creative process. Ron Guritsky considers ways to build woodworking skills despite limited shop time, and Henrie Van Rooij makes rustic stools from green wood.

Robin Gates shares techniques for timber preparation, Ben Willis examines a device for aligning and drilling stretcher mortises, and Gary Rogowski makes a high-angle wooden block plane.

Other contributors to this issue include Sean Hellman on hollow-grinding V-ground or Scandi-ground knives, Charles Mak on using a speed square in furniture making, John Lloyd on block plane features, and more.

Printed on thin recycled paper with color photos. Sold as a single issue, not a subscription.

Softcover, 63 pages, 2023.

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