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This biannual publication celebrates the preservation, research and restoration of historic furniture. Its multi-disciplinary approach brings together the perspectives of furniture makers, conservators and scholars to span woodworking past and present, with focus on pre-industrial tools and methods.

In this issue, Dragoș Nuță explains the role and challenges of Ambulance of Monuments, a volunteer organization that travels throughout Romania to restore historical buildings. Joshua A. Klein undertakes the challenge of designing and building a hutch table to put in the house he is restoring. Aaron Keim travels to Hawaii to discover the roots of the ukulele.

Kenneth Schwarz explores nail-making in early America, detailing the tools and techniques blacksmiths would have used at the time. Gerald W.R. Ward traces the use and trade of snakewood in 17th-century America and Europe, and its lasting influence on New England furniture. David Byrne reproduces pieces of historical homes by replicating old finishes while explaining how they were made and applied, and how they aged.

Other articles include an examination of an early 19th-century standing pine desk, and Michael Updegraff shares the art of building a gate hurdle. Jon Grant recounts the story of chairmaker George Peddle and his use of traditional tools and methods. Will Lisak recommends Herman Phelps’ book The Craft of Log Building.

More like a book than a typical magazine, it is printed on heavy stock paper and richly illustrated with color photos.

Sold as a single issue, not a subscription.

Softcover, 144 pages, 2023.

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