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Originally published in 1942 in Germany as Der Blockbau, this book is recognized as a definitive work on European horizontal log construction.

It begins with the physical make-up and properties of wood, tree species, and felling and seasoning methods. Detailed chapters cover foundations and sills, log walls, cornerwork and partition wall joinery (including intricate notching techniques), roof framing and more. Over 500 photographs and exceptional illustrations by the author depict every aspect of log construction. The outstanding draftsmanship is one of the most striking features of the work, revealing the intricacies of both constructional detail and frequently complex joinery, often in cutaway views.

The book also includes sections on subjects such as pegging and dowelling, sod roofing, thatching, shingling and shingle making, floor and ceiling construction, cantilevered features and decorative molded contouring. A basic reference in Europe for over 70 years, the text was translated into English in 1982 and reprinted in 2015. Useful to both the first-time builder and the seasoned pro.

Softcover, 328 pages, 8 1/2" × 11".

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