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Nothing is more central to the best use of tools than proper sharpening, but developing its principles and practice by experience is not easy.

Here's a book that draws on more than 30 years of experience and a decade of research to give readers the effect of a lifetime of practice. It covers the field, from equipment and general theory to specific methods for each class of tool.

For example, why are many tools sold without the final honing? What faults should you watch for with factory-polished chisels? When should you bevel the face of a plane blade? These questions and many others are answered fully and simply in this book.

It describes not only how to create a razor-sharp edge, but also how to shape it so it best performs its function and retains its sharpness.

The individual chapters on each tool type (chisels, planes, carving tools, turning tools, etc.) are profusely illustrated to show technique, theory and results.

Its highly readable style and exclusive practical tips make reading it both educational and enjoyable. 8 1/2" × 11", 242 pages, 1995.

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