Accessibility Statement


The Bridgewaters note that a door is much more than a slab of wood to block a hole. It's an expression of the owner's taste and an architectural match to the style of the building.

With this in mind, they present designs over the full range from Gothic church doors to doors for simple sheds, single, half and double, for all tastes and all skill levels. They include instruction for a variety of joinery, construction and assembly details.

The section on gates is similar — a wealth of designs and techniques. Throughout, the authors develop the philosophy and theory of gates and doors, the balance of security and function against appearance, the owner's personal statement and the effect on the community at large.

The book is a fine combination of instruction and description — a broad education on the subject of entrances.

Softcover, 8 1/2" × 11", 168 pages, 1999.