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Between them, Rex Burningham and Kip Christensen have made thousands of pens. These DVDs allow you to watch over their shoulders, providing valuable guidance for both novice and experienced pen turners.

Volume I, The Basics and Beyond, presents the fundamentals — everything from material selection and preparation to finishing. Each key topic, including tools and their use, drilling and adhesives, is thoroughly covered in an approachable style. Focusing on the standard 7mm "slimline" pen, it expands on the basics with design variations and decorative details such as wire burning, finger grips and contrasting center bands. Running time is 68 minutes.

The second volume, More Pens plus Tips & Tricks, introduces the more challenging "European" and "American" pens. It details the steps required for each and explores advanced techniques such as turning plastic and antler. The extensive "tips and tricks" section includes repairs, gluing and disassembly, as well as specialized jigs and techniques for blank preparation, drilling and assembly. 88 minutes in length.