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The workbench is the heart of any workshop, and this compilation by the editors of Fine Woodworking presents advice to help you build a bench suited to your needs and keep it well tuned to ensure a lifetime of service. It includes an illustrated review of workstations ranging from Roman times to the present and an overview of bench accessories to prompt design ideas.

It examines the pros and cons of six ready-made workbenches, along with photographs and exploded drawings you can use as a guide to design your own fully outfitted traditional bench, a simple plywood bench, and a special-use workbench. In addition to reviews of 13 bench vises, it presents instructions on installing a cast-iron vise and building a portable carving station, a clamping station, versatile bench hooks, and various jigs to expand your workbench's capability.

Softcover, 8 1/2" × 11", 171 pages, 2012.

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