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This is the newly revised and expanded edition of The Art of Joinery. The first edition, published in 2008, was an annotated reprint of Joseph Moxon's classic 17th century text, Mechanick Exercises, the earliest known English-language book on woodworking. In this updated version, Moxon's original text and illustrations are further supplemented by dozens of new pages of Schwarz' extensive commentary, as well as several black-and-white photographs.

Schwarz sheds light on the historical context for the work, while offering practical, modern interpretations of Moxon's lessons, guiding 21st century woodworkers to adapt 300-year-old traditional hand-tool methods to everyday practice. In addition to joinery, the book covers the use of planes, chisels and other tools, workbenches, sharpening and more. It also includes an 11-page appendix of plates illustrating 17th-century building and joinery tools, taken from a 1676 book on art and architecture by André Félibien, the official court historian to Louis XIV of France.

Hardcover, 6" × 9", 168 pages, 2013.