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Originally built for expeditions to far-flung British colonies, campaign furniture featured simple, stout construction, collapsible design and flush-mounted hardware for easier packing and transport. Schwarz explores the style from a woodworker's perspective, presenting an in-depth study of its design and construction, as well as the distinctive hardware and wood species historically used. He navigates the process of making several campaign-style pieces: a chest, a secretary, a folding camp stool, a Roorkee chair, a trunk, a field desk, collapsible bookshelves and a bookcase. He includes color photos of historical examples, along with shop drawings, cutting lists, detailed tips on the joinery and hardware installation, and black-and-white photos depicting key steps.

The book also includes a translated excerpt on campaign furnishings from André Roubo's 18th-century L'Art du Menuisier, and a reprint of George Cecil's 1910 account of the Indian joiner's trade, along with dozens of illustrated examples reproduced from early 20th century Army & Navy catalogs. A practical, hands-on guide to reproducing an enduring (and durable) furniture style.

Smyth-sewn hardcover, 6" × 9", 332 pages, 2014.

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