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If you've been hanging onto an old canvas-covered wooden canoe, hoping one day to restore it to its former glory, this book shows you how to do the job properly.

The book follows every step of an actual restoration project, from assessing the damage to repainting and refinishing. The author covers equipment and materials, how to plan your project, and the disassembling of the canoe.

He then gives instruction on repairing and remaking virtually every part of canoes made by Peterborough, Chestnut, Tremblay and others. He also examines the challenges involved in replacing the canvas, caning the seats, bending wood, and even transporting and storing a restored canoe properly.

Filled with over 300 black-and-white photos and over 70 diagrams and illustrations, this is a comprehensive manual on a rarely covered subject.

Softcover, 8 1/2" × 11", 176 pages, 2015.

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