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Cutting a circle by drawing it with a compass or tracing a round object and following the line with a knife is not only inconvenient but risks tearing or breaking the material if the knife snags. This compass-like tool uses a wheel-shaped knife that rolls as it cuts, directing all the force downwards to make perfect circles even in flimsy or delicate materials.

It can be adjusted to produce circles anywhere from 3cm to 22cm (roughly 1 3/16" to 8 5/8") in diameter. For a center, it uses a high-friction disc that holds the tool securely in place without marring the material of the circle. An included holder attaches to the cutter’s rails to store spare blades (available separately) and also serves as a wrench for changing blades.

Originally created for use with fabric, the cutter works equally well on paper, leather, wood veneer and other thin materials, making this a useful tool for a wide variety of crafts.

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