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Hand beading, fluting or reeding in hard or soft woods is easy with our new beading tool. Using one of the standard cutters or one that you custom shape, you can put fine detail in furniture quickly and accurately.

Cutters are held against the body with a clamping bar and are adjustable for height and fence offset. Nearly 2 3/4" long, the fence has two mounting locations to provide up to a 1" blade offset and is positional to expose one of three bearing surfaces: flat for straight and convex applications, curved for slightly concave and waved edges, and bullnose for scribing use on more complex profiles.

Both the fence and clamping bar are reversible for left- or right-hand use and to handle any grain direction. Designed to cut on the push stroke, but usable with a pull stroke. The body, clamp bar and fence are precision-machined investment cast steel. The leading and trailing edges of the sole are radiused for smooth travel. The generous handles are hardwood with brass fittings; the adjustable ball knob pivots 90° to allow varying grip.

Supplied with a 3/32" radius single-point cutter and five blank cutters. The 5/8" wide cutters, made from hardened spring steel, are the same used with our wooden beading tool for compatibility. Since both ends of each cutter can be used, this gives you a dozen possibilities. Standard shapes are available separately. Made in Canada. Patented.

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