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These items are discontinued. Available while quantities last.

This set comes with a steel pencil with a conical point and five wood-handled tools with various tips: rectangular, triangular, chisel, and two sizes of round tips.

The 6mm (1/4") round tool has a V-groove that is used reversed to engrave parallel lines for borders; the 4mm (5/32") size is used to lay out lines accurately for subsequent deepening with the larger tools. A detailed instruction sheet explains the purpose of each tool as well as sharpening methods, what to use for line guides and other suggestions.

The set comes in two sizes. The adults' tools are 5 1/4" long. The children's tools are 1" shorter and have a reduced handle diameter. Both sizes are designed to be held seated in the back of the palm with the pinky, ring and middle fingers on one side of the handle, your thumb opposite, and your index finger on the shaft of the tool.

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