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Made to our specifications by a small, renowned Czech firm, these gouges are exceptionally well priced for this level of quality.

While gouges are generally thought of as carving tools, with firmer gouges it’s better to think of them simply as curved chisels – useful additions to any workshop, they’re not strictly for carving at all but are highly efficient for rapid wood removal, regardless of the specific application.

These are forged from chrome-vanadium steel, shaped with an aggressive curvature (equivalent to a #9 sweep), and hardened to Rc58-60 to take and hold a fine edge. The stout blades taper toward the tips, which have well-ground out-cannel bevels.

Brass ferrules secure the blades to the unfinished hornbeam handles, which have a comfortable, contoured shape and domed ends to resist chipping from mallet blows.

Ranging from about 10" to 11" in overall length, they are available in 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm and 26mm widths, as well as in a set of all five sizes.

Outstanding quality, utility and value.

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