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Made by a West Coast custom knife maker, these knife blades are made in the Haida style and are uniquely suited to working softwoods where a trailing skew cut gives a superb finish without fiber tearing or crushing.

For finishing work, there are four styles of blades made from 1/16" stock, with three of the blades offered as a basic set. The hogging blade is made from thicker 3/32" stock, has a shorter blade and is meant for rougher surfaces. Although these are tough blades, none of them are meant for digging or prying. Blades are hollow ground on the back for ease of honing, are hardened to Rc58± in the 2 1/2" cutting portion and annealed in the tang for ease of screw countersinking. Hand forged from Swedish steel and double tempered for toughness.

All blades are supplied with two rivets and instructions on how to mount a handle using rivets or whipping cord.

Made in Canada.