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With angled prongs that are diamond shaped in cross section, these chisels let you punch the evenly spaced perforations needed for making neat saddle stitches in leather. The four-point chisel marks stitch lines along straight runs and gentle curves, while the two-point chisel is for tighter curves. To ensure consistent spacing, you simply register the first point of the chisel in the last hole punched.

In most leathers, a light tap with a mallet drives the chisel through; in thick or tough hide, the stitching awl may be needed to finish the holes. The awl has an 11/16" long blade with the same cross section as the chisel points, and a sharp tip that lets you easily pierce leather by hand. The unfinished hardwood handle fits the palm comfortably, and has flats that serve as cues for orienting the blade to match the slope of the chisel points.

Two sets are available, each with a four-point chisel, a two-point chisel and an awl; the 3mm chisels create about 8 1/2 stitches per inch, and the 4mm chisels about 6 1/2 stitches per inch.

Made in Japan.

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