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These are smaller versions of the full-size Bessey flat-mount auto-adjust toggle clamps. They automatically accommodate material thickness changes (up to 13/16" for the horizontal or 3/8" for the in-line clamp) without altering the clamping force, eliminating the need for frequent adjustment.

The in-line clamp has an 11/16" throw; the horizontal clamp has a 3/4" center height. They can accommodate stock up to 1 3/16" thick. Each has a knurled screw to adjust the clamping force to a maximum of 250 lb. The clamps are 0.080" (just over 1/16") thick plated steel with generously sized handles for easy operation. The swivel feet have non-marring caps.

Convenient and versatile, these clamps are a great aid to production and jig and fixture work.

(Not compatible with our toggle clamp mounting plates.)

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