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To overcome the limitations of other clamps used to secure track-saw guides, we decided to design our own. Ours are quick to position, registering in the T-slot in the underside of track-saw guides made by Festool, DeWalt and Makita, and come with soft polyurethane pads to protect the edges of your work from being marred by the clamp body as you slide them into place.

When making multiple cuts in stock of the same thickness, you can quickly release the clamp, then retighten it on the next workpiece with just a half-turn of the large-diameter knob. The low-profile design projects only 2 3/4" below the work, so they can be used on a benchtop with our panel platform kit or other work supports that raise your stock for clearance.

Sold in pairs, they accommodate stock from 1/8" to 1 1/4" thick. A simple, practical way to keep your track-saw guide from shifting during the cut.

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