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Special buy. Limited stock.

Designed to press firmly against an edge, these are excellent clamps for applying edging and moldings.

They are easy to position one-handed, leaving your other hand free to adjust parts or hold tools. The jaws open to accept material up to 1 3/4" thick, anchoring the clamp in position to hold a 1 3/8" wide band against the edge of your work. Made of a tough, resilient elastomer, the band applies lateral force as it stretches across the contact surface, distributing the force evenly to avoid crushing delicate details.

The broad 1 1/2" × 2" non-marring jaw pads are lined with a soft, high-friction compound that resists slippage, even on smooth, finished surfaces, so the band remains under consistent tension for extended periods. You can control the amount of clamping force by simply adjusting how deeply you set the material in the jaws, so you can apply a light hold on delicate work or press hard against the edge when needed.

Molded from high-strength plastic, the clamps are great value for a set of eight.

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