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For clamping awkward shapes, nothing is more useful than a web clamp. To reglue chairs, you can put the clamp around four legs at once or around only two.

This clamp does not require pads or shims because the webbing is non-marring on round stock. The integral ratchet handle makes the web clamp particularly easy to use — no wrench or screwdriver is required. The 1" polyester web tests over 850 lb (1700 lb loop strength) — well beyond what is required in shop clamping.

While it is uniquely effective on round work or polygons, the web clamp can also be used with our Lee Valley nylon web clamp corners for clamping rectangular pieces such as picture frames or drawers. The corners were specifically designed to clip onto webbing and stay in place as you tighten the clamp or reposition the corners. Made of strong glass-fiber-reinforced nylon, they will fit web material from 3/4" wide to just over 1".


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