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Special buy. Limited stock.

While quantities last, we’re offering a set of four clamps (a $132 value) at a saving of $23 compared to buying them individually. Consisting of two 12" and two 24" capacity clamps – the sizes most commonly needed for glue-up and assembly work – this is a practical set of versatile, reliable clamps at a great price.

Ideal for casework, glue-ups and other common workshop applications, these are well-made light-duty clamps.

Clamping force of up to 330 lb is well distributed over the broad jaw surfaces, which measure 1 1/4" wide with a 3 1/8" throat capacity. Shrouded with high-impact plastic that is non-marring and glue resistant, the steel jaws resist skewing, remaining parallel under load so force is applied evenly, reducing risk of crushing wood fibers. The end stop on the steel bar helps stabilize the clamp in use and is detachable so you can reverse the screw jaw for spreading applications.

Made in Germany.

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