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Particularly helpful when installing cabinets, these are quick, efficient clamps.

They use a fast-acting sliding jaw design with a spring-loaded locking handle mechanism (similar to locking pliers) to instantly tighten or release the jaws.

A thumbscrew adjuster lets you control the clamping force – you can apply just a light hold for delicate work or up to 550 lb of force at the maximum setting.

Once set, the clamp automatically maintains the same force regardless of jaw opening, so you can switch between workpieces of different thicknesses without having to make adjustments.

The step-over jaws can clear projections, and have pivoting feet to accommodate odd-shaped material. Throat depth is 2". Available with 7 1/2" and 15 1/2" jaw capacities, each with a substantial 1/4" × 5/8" bar.

Supplied with removable non-marring pads. Robust, all-steel construction with coated handles for grip.