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Special buy. Limited stock.

If you don't currently own a set of files, this is a great assortment to get you started – and for those who do, this is a chance to add to your collection at a good price. The set of three 10" files includes a mill bastard file, a flat smooth file and a mill smooth file.

The single-cut mill bastard file is the one you will reach for most often. Its coarse teeth make it a good choice for moderately fast stock removal, such as when removing nicks or shaping blades on drawknives, hatchets and axes, and for draw-filing cabinet scrapers.

For more aggressive stock removal, the flat smooth file has two intersecting diagonal rows of teeth, allowing faster material removal than with a single-cut file but with a trade-off of leaving a rougher surface.

The single-cut mill smooth file has fine teeth, suitable for smoothing or finishing surfaces after using a mill bastard or flat smooth file, and for quickly refining or touching up an edge on a cutting tool.

A great buy on a useful selection of files. Made in Mexico.

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