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Specifically designed to make precise cuts for inlay, this double knife is adjustable for widths from 2mm to 12mm (3/32" to 1/2").

With blades ground flat on the outside and bevelled on the inside, it is perfect for cutting a precise groove for inlay strips of brass or wood. It is designed so that the blade exteriors can be made parallel over the full range, leaving perfectly square groove edges.

The central bolt and thumbscrew are used to force the blades into a parallel configuration for all narrower cuts. Without the central bolt, the groove edges would be tapered.

Made from laminated steel, the blades hold a very keen edge. By removing the spreader bolt and the clamping bolt, they can be rotated for easy sharpening.

An excellent tool for any inlay work, it is equally useful for laying out mortises and tenons up to 1/2" wide. Length overall is 5 3/4".