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Special buy. Limited stock.

While there’s no such thing as a truly “all-purpose” knife, this one certainly comes close. With three quick-change blades, each suitable for a different set of tasks, it is a well-designed, well-made knife that’s capable of cutting a wide variety of materials.

To serve as a pocketknife, it comes with a 3" drop-point blade that has a keen double-bevelled edge, effective for whittling or for cutting anything from food to fabric, leather and more.

The 2 3/4" scalloped-edge blade speeds through softwood, hardwood, plywood and PVC pipe, as well as rope or other fibrous materials.

It also comes with two utility-knife blades that make clean cuts through cardboard, carpeting, linoleum flooring and even drywall.

Blade changes are quick and require no tools. Each of the interchangeable blades mounts on a pivoting post that allows it to fold into the aluminum handle so you can safely carry the knife in a pocket, while a sturdy liner lock holds the blade open in use to prevent the knife from folding accidentally. The drop-point and scalloped blades mount directly on the pivot, while the utility blades lock into a carrier (which also accepts other standard 2 3/8" long, 3/4" wide trapezoid utility blades, sold separately).

All blades are made of 420 stainless steel with well-ground edges. The knife comes with two plastic cases for protected storage of the utility and saw blades when they’re not in use. Embedded rare-earth magnets let you connect the cases so they can be stored together, so it’s easy to find the one needed for the task at hand, or you can keep each blade separately wherever it’s most often used.

Broad utility at a reasonable price.