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With this kit, a few tools and a modest investment in time, you can create a custom-made folding knife to last a lifetime. You can carve the handle to suit your grip, and even personalize it with incised or burned designs.

The kit is made in Japan with a carbon-steel blade that comes honed, ready for use. It also includes unfinished beech handle scales that are CNC-machined to a well-defined outline that you can sculpt to the final shape. The 3 3/4" blade has a thumb rest that prevents accidental closure and provides a bearing surface for heavy cuts. Stainless-steel Chicago bolts are included to affix the handle scales.

In case of mishaps when shaping or mounting the handle, we offer replacement scales separately. Supplied with step-by-step instructions, this kit makes an outstanding gift, an engaging project and a superb knife.

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