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Useful for a range of camping tasks like splitting firewood and building shelters, the small forest axe can also be used for detail work such as carving; it has a pronounced finger notch below the head and a 3 1/4" face ground with only a slight camber to allow precise, flat cuts. Its 24" handle is relatively thin to reduce weight, but long enough to lend significant force to the 1 1/2 lb head.

The handle is hickory, selected for minimal grain runout and treated with an oil finish that provides protection against moisture and helps resist slippage in the hand. The axe comes honed, ready for use, and has a sturdy leather sheath to protect the edge.

As with all Hultafors axes, it is hand forged in a small Swedish factory that has been in operation since the late 17th century. The performance of these exceptionally well-made traditional axes lives up to their fine appearance. As each axe is handmade, its weight and measurements may vary slightly.

An excellent tool, built to last a lifetime.

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