Accessibility Statement


Father and daughter Robin and Jojo Wood are renowned spoon carvers and teachers instrumental in supporting a resurgence of edge tool manufacturing in Sheffield, England. Together they formed Wood Tools to create top-quality carving axes and knives for experienced carvers that are also versatile and easy for beginners to use.

This is an excellent carving axe. It has a relatively lightweight head and shorter handle for proper balance, improving maneuverability and making it easier to use for longer periods without fatigue. The 3 1/2" long edge has a pronounced curvature to produce slicing cuts.

The handle is made of hickory that is treated with linseed oil and is textured for a firm grip. The head weighs 1.2 lb; overall weight with the 12" long handle is 1.6 lb. This is a well-balanced and comfortable axe, great for carvers of all levels of experience, but is equally adept at splitting kindling, bushcraft and camp use.

A protective sheath is sold separately.