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The brilliant design of this tool allows you to switch from a peavey to a cant hook and to a log jack in one minute and switch back just as fast.

The peavey point is retractable so it's there when you need it, and gone when you don't. The jack attachment slips over the peavey point and attaches with the clevis pin provided. The versatility of the tool is invaluable in the woods and no tools are required for the swap.

The jack raises the log 6", allowing you to cut from the top of the log or the bottom, while avoiding the risk of dulling your chain on dirt or rocks as well as avoiding the risk of pinching the blade. With a jack capacity for logs up to 20" in diameter and a peavey/cant hook capacity of 28", it covers the range you normally need.

Both the jack and the peavey handle are made of 6061 aircraft aluminum and all components are guaranteed for life. Overall length is 53" and it weighs 10 lb with the jack attachment on.

Made in USA.