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Founded in 1983 by designer and craftsman John Economaki, Bridge City Tools has long been known for its often unique and always aspirational tools.

Anyone who's done much joinery knows that it's easier to size a tenon to a mortise than a mortise to a tenon. That's the idea behind this adjustable stop, which lets you avoid the usual trial and error when sizing a tenon to an exact fit using a table saw or the Jointmaker Pro. Simply calibrate it to your blade's kerf width, then reference it against the mortise to set the distance between cheek cuts.

On a crosscut sled with a tenoning jig, it fits between the jig and a stop block clamped to the sled's fence; you cut one cheek, flip the Tenonmaker, then reset the jig's position to cut the second cheek. The result is an impressively snug (but not too snug!) fit every time.

Precisely machined to strict specifications, it is made from anodized aluminum and can be used for tenons from 1/8" to 2” thick.

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