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Accurate, dead simple to use and economically priced, this compact stud detector is invaluable for a range of jobs around the house from mounting curtain rods to installing trim.

Designed for one-handed use, it reveals the presence of studs or live electrical wires behind walls. It has contoured, textured recesses for a comfortable grip and requires only the press of a button as you slide the unit smoothly across the wall surface. While some stud detectors require you to start over a hollow wall space to avoid false readings, this version lets you begin anywhere on the wall, even right on top of a stud, eliminating guesswork when choosing a starting point.

Without needing calibration before each use, the unit’s sensors detect hidden structures to a maximum depth of 1 1/2" (3.8cm). Five red indicator LEDs display the full width of the stud, identifying both the edges as well as the center, and two LEDs light up yellow to indicate the presence of live electrical wires. The convenient pencil notch makes it easy to mark locations on the wall using your free hand.

Runs on two AA batteries (not included). A useful addition to any homeowner’s toolbox. Made in USA.

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