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Based on the same innovative concept as the original Bridge City Kerfmaker, this larger version simplifies the process of cutting precisely fitted lap joints, grooves and dadoes but permits a wider span of up to 4" between shoulder cuts.

Used on a table saw, radial arm saw or the Bridge City Jointmaker Pro, it uses direct reference instead of numerical measurement to ensure a perfect fit every time. On the initial set-up, it can be calibrated to compensate for your blade's exact kerf width; it then retains that measurement unless reset to match a different blade.

Once it’s been calibrated, you simply slip your stock between the two sliding body sections and lock them in place. Registered against the included stop block, the Kerfmaker acts as a spacer, first in one orientation to set the position of your first shoulder cut, and then simply flipped over to make your second cut. All you then have to do is remove waste between cuts – the result is snug, accurate joinery without the usual trial and error.

Precisely machined to strict specifications, it is made from anodized aluminum.