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Offering an outstanding combination of utility and value, this economically priced stud detector is straightforward to use, giving clear, accurate readings that are practically impossible to misinterpret.

It uses nine independent sensors distributed across a 5" wide test area to find hidden studs, pipes and wiring up to 1 1/2" below the surface of drywall, wood or plywood. As soon as any of the sensors detects material that’s denser than the surroundings, a corresponding LED indicates precisely where the obstruction lies.

Wide enough to span most structural timbers, the LED array can indicate the full width of a stud, not just the edges, so finding center is simple – no need to sweep back and forth to outline the location. It even differentiates closely positioned studs, such as those around door and window frames.

And unlike many detectors, it requires no calibration before each use to prevent false readings; just place the unit against the wall and press the button for an instant reading.

Runs on two AAA batteries (not included). A useful addition to any homeowner’s tool kit. Made in USA.

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