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Shop accuracy begins with a benchmark straightedge as a surface reference. These Canadian-made precision steel straightedges are ground flat over the entire length on both edges, the 12" length to within 0.0010" and the 24" and 36" lengths to within 0.0015". All have been stress relieved to remain true under temperature variation. Useful for checking whether surfaces are flat or straight, they are 1 1/2" high and their width allows them to easily stand on edge unsupported, leaving both hands free for precise measurement or tool adjustment. All have hang holes, allowing storage on a nail or hook.

At just over 1 lb and 1/4" thick, the 12" straightedge is a handy size for checking things such as plane soles or water stones for flatness. It is also a good choice anywhere a larger straightedge would be unwieldy in use or would risk damaging the item being checked.

An invaluable aid for machine set-up, the 24" straightedge is a good size for setting up stationary machines such as planers and jointers. At slightly more than 2 lb, it weighs enough to stay in place while you make adjustments. 1/4" thick.

Great for long-bed jointer and larger machine set-up, the 36" straightedge is a good master shop reference. Weighing a substantial 5 3/4 lb, it is 3/8" thick. The linished sides give a textured surface that makes the straightedge easier to grip with confidence.

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