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This is a great height gauge.

With easy-to-read 3/8" high LCD numerals, it accurately displays graduations in decimal inch, fractional inch, or metric (to 0.0005", 1/128", and 0.01mm; accurate to 0.001"/0.03mm), provides instant conversion capability, and mounts to any ferrous machine table or fence with embedded rare-earth magnets.

It performs differential measuring without recalibration and can be zeroed at any point. Useful for applications such as setting table-saw blade or router bit height, or jointer knife projection, it can also be placed on a known flat surface (e.g., a surface plate) to measure thickness.

The base is solid aluminum alloy, with a hardened stainless-steel beam. 6"/150mm capacity; 11" high overall. Button-cell battery included.

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