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This versatile kit includes everything from a 25' tape measure to a caliper graduated in thousandths of an inch, plus helpful accessories to help you use them to their full advantage. To make the kit practical for job-site use, we selected tools that offer excellent utility yet still fit inside the portable black and yellow T-Loc Systainer 1 case. To protect and organize the tools, two French-fitted trays made of firm closed-cell EVA foam are included and have a contrasting inner layer to let you see at a glance if anything is missing.

The 19-piece kit includes:

Marking Tools

  • The Veritas dual marking gauge and shaft clamp set lets you set two measurements at once and lock the relative position of the cutters while still being able to adjust the fence freely for offset.
  • The Veritas carpenter's gauge is both a compass and a marking gauge, with a direct-reading scale in inches and centimetres. 7 1/2" long overall, it will scribe circles up to 12" in diameter.
  • The Pica-Ink indelible pen has a long, slender tip (protected by a metal sleeve) to reach into confined spots. It makes a fine 1mm black line.
  • The Pica-Dry mechanical pencil has a durable 2.8mm black graphite lead (about 2B in hardness), easily sharpened with a blade built into the cap. Eight replacement leads (25K04.15) are provided: four black leads and two each of the softer yellow and red leads for better contrast on dark surfaces.

Measuring Tools

  • 12" cabinetmaker's rule and 6" pocket rule graduated in 8ths, 16ths, 32nds and 64ths.
  • 4" dial caliper for inside, outside and depth measurements, graduated in thousandths of an inch.
  • The Veritas ruler stop provides a solid reference point for quick registration on an edge.
  • The Lee Valley 25' carpenter's tape measure is right-to-left reading so you can hold the tape with your left hand while marking with your right. Graduated in 16ths.
  • Two Lee Valley 10' cabinetmaker's tape measures , also right-to-left reading and graduated in 16ths.
  • The tape tip helps you make diagonal measurements with a tape measure. It hooks securely on an outside corner and has a pointed tip to let you take accurate inside measurements.
  • The miter hook makes it easy to measure from an inside or outside corner of a miter with a tape measure.
  • The aluminum sliding bevel gauge can be set anywhere between 0° and 180°.
  • The Veritas large saddle square lets you scribe two perpendicular surfaces at a time.
  • The folding square, with accurate detents at 45°, 90° and 135°, is also useful for miter work.
  • The Veritas precision square is useful for general layout, checking that surfaces are flat or straight, and for machine set-up. Both faces are graduated on the inside and outside edges, in 32nds on the 3" leg and in 16ths on the 6" leg.
  • The Veritas square level is a versatile level that attaches to a steel square (steel rule, I-beam, etc.) with integral rare-earth magnets. A vertical slot with a clamp holds a ruler (such as the 12" rule in this kit) for measuring depth or rise and run.
  • The Veritas flat-bob stabilizes rapidly and doesn't roll. The kit includes an extra 8' of cord.

An excellent value in a useful kit. The full price of the components if ordered individually is $614.

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