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This versatile tool is modelled after an antique in the Lee Valley collection, which was described by the original maker as "12-in-one" – working as a bevel gauge, ruler, depth gauge, diameter gauge, try square, T-square, extension ruler (for inside measurements), marking gauge, protractor, compass, angle-transfer tool and divider.

Of course, the actual number of tasks it performs may be more or less than a dozen, depending on the precision you need or how creatively you use it. The twin stainless-steel arms are joined by a sliding thumbscrew that lets you lock the arms at any point on their 6" length and at any angle.

It has laser-etched markings graduated in 16ths, with angle guides at 30°, 45°, 60° and 90°. It also has a series of registration slots that hold the arms at 90° in three positions, as well as a hole at the end of each arm that accepts a pencil or scribing pin for use as a compass or marking gauge.

While it’s no substitute for a full suite of dedicated marking and measuring tools, it’s a convenient size for sketching designs, quickly checking cuts or assemblies, or other tasks that don’t demand high precision. A useful tool and an intriguing gift.

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