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This template is based on an old design that has been used for years to teach new woodworkers how to cut their first dovetails.

Crucible Tools has improved the design by precision milling it from one piece of solid steel to ensure an accurate 90° angle at the corners, so the template will always sit flush, never bend or warp, and remain consistent across the tails and pins.

It allows you to lay out both the angled and straight parts of the joint, using the two most common dovetail slopes, 1:6 and 1:8. The straight section is long enough to run across most standard lumber, and the angled portion is long enough to mark out most dovetail jobs.

Measuring only 5/8" × 1 11/16" × 3", its small size makes it easier to use on either edge of a board and convenient to store or transport.

An excellent addition to any woodworker’s toolbox, and especially helpful for those new to making dovetails.

Made in USA.

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