Accessibility Statement


For all of you who want to work to 1/64" accuracy or better, but have difficulty marking material with that precision, this rule magnifier is the answer.

The magnifier functions well on its freestanding base, which also has two rare-earth magnets in it to secure it to a steel rule. The 3X magnifier has a generous 1 5/8" field of view. You can simultaneously see fine graduations, your pencil tip and enough adjacent markings to avoid error.

The jointed stainless-steel post has a magnetic friction hinge that holds the magnifier at any angle but snaps apart for storage in the fitted case. An O-ring in the base stabilizes vertical and rotational shaft movement.

As well as its use in accurate marking, the magnifier is excellent for fly-tying, sliver removal, blade edge inspection, etc. An excellent workshop tool.

Made in Canada. Patented.