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The great advantage of this tool is that it lets you accurately mark or transfer several positions at once from a common reference edge.

Used like an adjustable, reusable story stick, it is particularly well suited for any layout work that must be reliably reproduced, such as when marking box and lid hinge gain positions or left and right slide locations in a cabinet carcass. It is also a simple way to consistently mark off knob or handle locations on drawers or cabinet doors.

The basic tool includes four 3" long marking heads, a 12" stainless-steel rod and a brass foot. The marking heads have a single straight reference edge (reversible by flipping the head) and can be locked at any position along the rod. The brass foot can be used on either end of the rod and is reversible for outside or inside measurements.

Additional pairs of marking heads and 12" rod sections (all available separately) can be used to extend the tool as needed – the rods have a male thread at one end and a female thread at the other. Made in Canada.

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