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The latest redesign of Bridge City’s original Center Scribe marks center on either the faces or ends of various types of workpieces up to 7 7/8" wide, including square and round stock, boards and even tapered forms.

Largely made of aluminum and precisely machined to strict accuracy specifications, it has two movable jaws linked with a stainless-steel pulley system, which ensures that the two jaws travel synchronously, always maintaining equal distances from the tool’s central axis.

It comes with a stainless-steel scribe point that functions like the point of a marking gauge to score a well-defined line down the center of a workpiece. Alternatively, you can retract the scribe point and insert a pencil in the locking holder to mark a point or line.

A knurled locking knob can be used to disengage the pulley system, which lets you adjust either jaw independently to use the tool much like a regular marking or mortise gauge to scribe a line at a consistent offset from a single edge of the workpiece.

A superbly engineered tool.

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