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While awls like this are named for their use in birdcage making, their ability to mark drill centers and quickly bore holes makes them useful in any shop.

This is a particularly well-made example. It has a robust 3/16" thick square shaft with a finely ground pyramidal tip. The sharp tip lets you precisely locate holes and the crisply defined edges rapidly ream holes, even in hardwood, making it ideal for pre-drilling for screws or square-cut nails.

The handle is made from turned and polished hardwood, with a rounded end to allow comfortable application of force and a machined bronze ferrule at the shaft/handle connection. Available with an A2 steel shaft, hardened to Rc59-60 for durability, or in a carbide version that retains its sharpness longer (diamond abrasive required for resharpening). The shaft is just under 3" long, and the tool’s overall length is 7 3/4".

Made in USA, it is as useful as it is attractive.

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