Accessibility Statement


The unique handle shape on this marking knife lets you use it comfortably with a pencil grip when fine control is needed, or a pistol grip that allows greater force to be applied for a more visible line.

The removable blade design lets you flip the blade for right-hand or left-hand use, or for flush registration on either side of a reference surface.

The blade, made of PM-V11 tool steel, is 3/32" thick and about 3/8" wide with a 55° spear-point tip. At 2 1/4" long, it projects 1" from the handle. Ground to a keen edge at a 25° bevel angle, it slices wood fibers cleanly.

The handle is zinc alloy with a matte black coating and a stainless-steel blade-clamping knob. 6 3/4" long overall.

Made in Canada.

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