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A workhorse as a moisture meter, this is not only tough (you can stand on the case!) but is hard-wired for invariable accuracy as opposed to using a potentiometer, which is subject to eventual wear and variability in readings.

The wired circuits are for 6% (or under), 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 18, 22 and 25% or over. The range of possible error of ±0.5% in the 6 to 11% range increases to 1% and 2% in the higher ranges. This gives you the accuracy where you need it, in the lower moisture range. Temperature stable (readings are within a 1% band over a 90°F temperature change), the circuitry is also coated to protect against moisture, oxidation, corrosion, etc.

The sensing pins are fixed in a 3/8" thick end plug for durability, as is the circuit selector knob. The ABS case is over 1/8" thick. The tubular shape is ideal for pressing the 1/2" pins into wood. Used as direct reading on most North American woods, it includes a species table with adjustment factors for all woods (domestic and exotic) normally used in cabinetmaking.

Complete operating instructions included, as well as spare pins and a 9V battery. Three-year warranty, exclusive of pins or battery.

Made in Canada.

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