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Stable, rigid and reliable, this 24"/600mm rule excels at measurement and layout tasks.

Cut from a 2 1/2" wide solid aluminum extrusion, it is graduated in 1/32" increments on one edge and in millimetres on the other. Both edges read left to right, with fine laser-etched markings that stand out clearly against the matte black anodized finish.

To avoid the parallax errors that can occur when marking, the edges are tapered and lie within 0.01" of the stock surface, supported by “feet” set back from each edge. This clearance ensures markings will not be smudged by the rule, and that the rule registers close to each edge.

The broad profile makes it easy to plant a hand comfortably, while the protruding ribs ensure a slip-free mechanical lock. The rule also butts nicely against a fence for setting blade offsets, and is wide enough to provide a vertical register in use.

Also available in a range of Imperial and metric sizes, as well as in other combined versions with both scales, sold individually as well as in various sets.

A rule you will reach for often!

Made in Canada.

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