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This top-of-the-line Starrett set includes a forged square/miter head with a steel scribing pin and built-in level vial, a 12" reversible hardened steel rule, a reversible cast-iron bevel protractor, and a forged center-finding head, all in a fitted foam-lined hardshell case.

With photo-engraved scales, the rule has a satin-chrome finish that reduces glare and resists rust. Square to within ±0.002", the rule is graduated in the 4R style (with increments in 8ths, 16ths, 32nds and 64ths) and is 0.090" thick by 1"/25mm wide. It is straight and parallel within 0.001" per foot.

The precisely machined heads have a smooth enamel finish.

A versatile, classic design. Made in USA.

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