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Founded in 1983 by designer and craftsman John Economaki, Bridge City Tools has long been known for its often unique and always aspirational tools.

Spanning the functions of a T-square and a bevel gauge, this innovative layout tool has a dual head made of anodized aluminum, with one half fixed at 90° to the blade while the other rotates to any angle. The combination of heads means that complementary angles are always at hand. A cam lever locks the pivoting head instantly without risk of shifting your settings in the process, as can occur with a screw-locking mechanism.

The blade is milled from stainless steel, square to the fixed head to an accuracy of ±0.002" over its length. Hardened to resist scoring from a marking knife or veneer cutter, it has crisp laser-etched graduations along one edge, while the other edge is blank so the low-glare matte finish can be marked with a pencil for direct-reference applications. The 24" version is graduated in 32nds; the 605mm square is in millimetres.

Optional anodized aluminum cursors, available separately, let you set reference positions along the blade to help speed layout on multiple workpieces.

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